Paint Protection

Protect A Shine
This service includes all the benefits of Renu A Shine® -hands on car polishing that will enhance your exterior auto appearance by removing all dirt, residue, and most scratches- plus the application of Ziebart's Ultra Paint Sealant to lock in the new car lustre and shine, and to help protect the paint from ultraviolet rays, abrasive particles and airborne pollutants.

Diamond Gloss
Diamond Gloss is a paint protection using a paint coating system that eliminates the possibility of faded car paint caused by environmental factors such as ultra violet rays, acid rain, and high acid acid bird droppings. Diamond Gloss also gives a glow to a car that can last for the long term. Environmental factors can damage car paint and can reduce the selling value of your car. Diamond Gloss is a liquid that is applied to the factory default paint. Diamond Gloss application is recommended when the car age less than a month after the car out of the showroom to provide maximum protection and luster.

The Benefits :

  • Diamond Gloss can lift the gloss of the original car. The results of vehicles that have been in the application will amaze you!
  • Protects your paint from aging, acid rain, premature oxidation, and even protects from changing weather.
  • Cars that have been in Diamond Gloss applications can be glossy and no waxing is required throughout the year
  • Maintain the value and the end result of your car.
  • Ziebart will provide treatment for warranty program.
  • Diamond Gloss is an exclusive product developed by Ziebart International Corporation, and no imitation products come close to the result of Diamond Gloss Paint Coating.
  • Diamond Gloss is not a wax product. Diamond Gloss is a hard coating system like the original clean coat on your car. Diamond Gloss paint coating can not be equated with typical wax / polish silicon / sealant other products. Diamond Gloss is a unique and very special product that you can only find on Ziebart.

Diamond Gloss provides protection for your car for almost all weather and unfriendly air conditions, such as:

  • Acid rain
  • Damaging Ultra Violet rays
  • Salt due to rain
  • Remnants of rainfall that can damage car paint
  • Air pollution
  • Insects hit by cars
  • Tree sap
  • Mud, soil, and sand dust

How to process Diamond Gloss?

  • After Ziebart lifts your car's exterior gloss with our professional detailing team, we promise long-lasting quality.
  • Our professional detailing team cleanses the exterior of your vehicle to the smallest pore pores on your car paint, and releases all contaminants of dirt.
  • Then, we buff the entire vehicle engine until it shines brilliantly. We detail each car's curve with a microfiber cloth to remove all dirt, even in the most difficult areas to see.
  • Our professional team will clean and polish your tires and pelg.
  • Once completed the application, your car will be like a new car out of the car showroom, like the first day you buy the car.

Diamond Care
Diamond care is an exterior treatment (diamond gloss) and interior. The liquid used is adapted to the interior material of the vehicle. When the interior is made from leather, the liquid we use is called leather conditioner. For textile materials using fabric protection fluid, while plastic materials use vinnyl protection fluid.
Goals and Functions are:

  • Protects the interior of the vehicle from ultraviolet rays.
  • Prevent no fading.
  • The liquid used contains Anti-Bacterial so the interior remains hygienic.