Rust Protection

Ziebart rust protection service is useful to prevent rust on cars, Kurt Ziebart invented our exclusive rust protection process over 50 years ago, and for the last five decades, nobody does it better.

While our rust protection services have been around since the 1950's, our formula has evolved continuously through exhaustive research and development. Our exclusive rust protection continuous to be effective no matter where you drive your vehicle, protecting metal from salt and moisture.

Why need to trust us?

  • Over the last 50 years, Ziebart has protected over 10 million vehicles worldwide even for areas with very poor natural conditions.
  • Ziebart rust protection process protects the metals from salt and residual water that will be a rust imprints.
  • Our specially designed and patented tools help our certified technicians apply coating where your car or truck needs it the most, including all of the hidden areas other service providers miss which is a very potential to be the beginning of the rust.
  • We have the latest corrosion technology and are continually refining our chemistry and application process.
  • Ziebart has been known as the best rust protection brand the bottom side process protects the car chassis from rust, and the upper side process includes protection on the door, body joints, and areas with the most potential to corrode.

How do we prevent a new / rusted car for the future?

  • Each car must go through our inspection process to know the part to be applied to rust protection to maximize. Especially for used car. We do a more detailed inspection to see if there are rust marks before we proceed to the process of applying rust protection.
  • The information we get from the inspection process will indicate the area to be the focus of spraying with our patented tools and sealants.
  • We clean the exterior of your car and do a power wash to clean off all the dirt before applying our sealant.
  • Our technicians who have been trained professionally by Ziebart International will apply sealants to coat the entire bottom side of the car covering the car chassis and fenders. Our sealants block air, water, and salt in the formation of rust, while protecting the chassis from friction that occurs when driving.
  • The next process is the application of Ziebart's sealants to areas that can not be accessed by another anti-rust brands that only protects on the surface. Then the sealant is applied to all body panel parts with our tool that can penetrate 100% of all car parts and provide a coating that can prevent air, water, and salt in forming rust in all parts of the car.