Sound Protection

Ziebart Sound Barrier, can reduce the noise from the bottom up to 60% depending on the model and type of car. Sound Barriers also protect the underside of mud, sand, and gravel while driving can reduce the need for porous cars. All the parts visible at the bottom of the car will be protected with a patented Ziebart Sound Barrier chemicals.

The chemicals used to the bottom of this car contain mineral and fiber fibers, which can reduce the vibrations from the bottom of the car, from the tires, making your empty space comfortable and noiseless.

Do you feel the noise when driving?

If you think so, we have the best solution for you! The Ziebart Sound Barrier protects the car's chassis and protects the bottom of the car and reduces sound while driving. Other benefits include providing advanced technology protection that has been proven to absorb impact, reduce vibration, abrasion and corrosion resistance. Our sealants are specially formulated to add value to your vehicle and will reduce sound when you drive.

The Benefits :

  • A thick layer that reduces sound and protects metal.
  • Four times thicker than rust protection undercoating.
  • Reduces vibration in the car.
  • Can protect car from rust.
  • Provides comfort while driving at high speeds.